temporary barrier hastily

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temporary barrier hastily

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As the waterfront pedestrian and cycling trail passes by Royal Canadian Legion Branch 344, with its giant red poppy out front, other flowers are intermittently tied to a steel fence separating the trail from Lake Shore Blvd. W. By a child’s bicycle, painted white and chained to a pole, there’s an even larger cluster of flowers.

This “ghost bike” marks where Adidas Superstar Womens Black 5-year-old Xavier Morgan was killed when he crashed going downhill on the trail and fell into Lake Shore traffic. The flowers were placed there to mark the one-year anniversary of his tragic death on May 24. When the incident happened, Mayor John Tory demanded a review of the safety of Toronto’s bike trails and said, “It is past time for us to have a hard look at safety on these trails.”One year later, the steel riot fence, a temporary barrier hastily Nike Air Max 90 Womens White erected, remains in place with nothing else done.

This past Tuesday, after a 58-year-old woman was hit by a truck and killed on her bike at Bloor and St. George Sts., the mayor said he was devastated by this and tweeted that his thoughts are with the family and that “the deaths of pedestrians and cyclists are deeply troubling to me.”

His tweet has been met with sustained anger Nike Air Max Command Damen from cyclists and others. People are tired of the mayor’s thoughts; they want action. Perhaps the mayor thinks he has the power of telekinesis, the ability to move objects with his mind, because after each spat of cycling and pedestrian deaths the mayor says more words like this, and offers more thoughts, but rarely any action.

On the same day as this latest death on our Adidas Stan Smith Donna streets, Giorgio Mammoliti, one of the mayor’s hand-picked members of the powerful public works and infrastructure committee, which determines where bike lanes and other needed cycling and pedestrian infrastructure go or don’t go, said he thinks bikes don’t belong on city roads at all. This is a committee largely made up of councillors who are hostile to improving cycling and pedestrian conditions in Toronto. The mayor could change this if he wanted to, but Nike Air Max Command Mujer he chooses not to.

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