Oak Island Hydrogeology

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Oak Island Hydrogeology

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Just a question: "In the past, were the homes on the island serviced by drinking water wells? If yes, does anyone know how deep?" In my experience most older wells (i.e. pre-1980's) were relatively shallow wells. The reason for this is that well drilling technology was relatively crude and environmental reasons for drilling into deeper aquifers (i.e. contaminants) was largely unknown. My reasoning for these questions is simply this . . . if the wells are shallow then that is going to be the potentiometric surface (i.e. the pressure at which groundwater equilibrates with atmospheric pressure) for natural groundwater on the island. In other words, if the Money Pit is deep >140' and the groundwater table is shallow, <140', then the natural tendency of nature is to equilize the pressure and the money pit could not have been advanced to below the water table without casing the excavation and extensive pumping. Technology at that time (18th century) could not have likely overcome these issues and continual pumping, as seen during later excavation attempts even using horse or steam power, would not have likely worked. This line of reasoning is not to discredit the potential of hidden secrets at Oak Island but mearly some puzzles that I have had since I have been little. Also what is the material, above bedrock? (clay, silt, sand, cobbles, etc) .Another question, I have read that extensive geophysical investigations have been conducted on the island, by Goulder (sp) from Colorado. Does anyone know if this data has been published and if so what the testing methods were (i.e. seismic, high resolution seismic, gama logging, ground penetrating radar, et cetra)?

Please help.

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