value that at present

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value that at present

Mensajepor xiao1236 » Vie, 18 May 2018, 06:59

not eager to implementing new standard. As we have learned, the value that at present every Zhang Pu knows plywood on the market relatively rose once upon a time about 1 or so yuan,decking straight on ground its are main the reason is plywood raw material- - core board rose in price 0 · 5 yuan, and if use environmental protection gum again, increased manufacturing cost again undoubtedly. To later new standard whether carry out as scheduled and

executive strength how, they support wood composite decking hollow vs solid wait-and-see attitude. Do not have not not be very good good luck Face the restriction of the concussion of product of the abroad after the world and environmental protection, how break out of an encirclement? This real problem has been placed before Linyi plank, and base of additionally two big board had had the whole nation to cut real operation, if Linyi plank is incompact drive two paces, will face henceforth will alternative material for decking be 1000 sore the trade problem of 100 aperture. In area of stall of market of Hua Dong plank, a plank

businessman tells a reporter, the situation's foreign now plank selling quantity is very few still, basic be inland or this locality, and this among them the proportion that manufacturer wood plastic composites current trends in materials spends continuously held great majority again, at present this is planted the enterprise of the type busy processing keep long in stock is tasted. In office of market of Hua Dong plank, if,ask when the reporter dash forward the limitation

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