medium-sized staircase factories

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medium-sized staircase factories

Mensajepor xiao1236 » Mar, 17 Abr 2018, 10:20

There are several reasons for this phenomenon: First of all, like domestic enterprises, most of the domestic solid wood stair manufacturers are private enterprises. They start from scratch, have a large number, are small in size, and many do not have the ability to design.
In particular, some small and medium-sized staircase factories, mostly copy-like styles, are reluctant to engage in independent research and design, which ultimately led to the stagnation of the design level of Chinese solid wood staircases,
lack of originality, and neglect of the application of the unique elements of the nation’s outstanding culture. Secondly, as a new industry, stair design has not attracted the attention of relevant institutions and related departments. It is often used as part of home design.
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