situation of plywood

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situation of plywood

Mensajepor xiao1236 » Mar, 17 Abr 2018, 08:31

since January 2002, the sale situation of plywood and wooden furniture is satisfactory, sale is compared the corresponding period grew 15 % to come 2001 25 % . This Wood Plastic Composite Solid Decking year the market no longer the preference is outer furniture of not grain of spray copy lumber, durable loose heart plywood, turn to quality of a material to strong like lumber, surface can need according to consumer and make all sorts of special plywood

furniture of Mu Wen however. Technology of production of this kind of plywood is relatively sophisticated, cost compares other plywood furniture consequently tall 15 % how to build deck for your pool comes 20 % , with brown, black brown, red palm color reachs black the most welcome, exterior paint is durable, modelling is simple, wear away not easily, heat-resisting force is amounted to centigrade 500 degrees. Sincere plywood already also

became Hu Zhiming city at present material of optimal interior decoration. People likes to come with it pave ground, at the same time it returns be ideal to separate a stuff. Reckon where to buy composite decking material the demand of this respect was 4 million square metre about 2002. Trend of this kind of spending only then 2001, there are more than 10 kinds of plywoods on the market at present, basically come from the import goods of Australia, China,

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