Importance of mathematics in paleontology

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Importance of mathematics in paleontology

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What importance has mathematics in paleontology ? Could paleontology still be studied without the use of mathematics ? Beside taxonomy of fossils (not even sure if that does not require maths) what part of paleontology does NOT require mathematics. I had a discussion with a friend who argues that paleontology (and maybe genetics) are sciences that can be done without the use of mathematics (excluding of course counting and enumeration or such very basic maths). I believe that maths is probably as important in paleontology as in other sciences (studying it requires 1) finding a level of abstraction that can be manipulable with maths, 2) you need to make measurements, 3) you look for functional relations by varying the parameters, 4) you analyse the results with statistics, etc),
What other maths tools is required ?

Any help will be apprecited.

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