Mineral wool - Condensation

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Mineral wool - Condensation

Mensajepor jennermack » Jue, 31 May 2018, 04:13


the moisture storage function of mineral wool says, that reaching a water content of 44,65 kg/m³ (100% r.h.) leads to condensation and therefore to a critical situation. But mineral wool does not "store" moisture, so you cannnot be sure why the water content varies in the range below the 44,65 kg/m³ (condensation?).
Question 1: From which point on (r.h. or w.c. (and over what period of time)) you would say a critical situation is reached?
Question 2: By investigating a mineral wool in a wall construction it turns out that (at a given position) a rel. humidity of 90-92% (relates to a water content of 6 kg/m³) is the most "critical" situation. Would you say that there is no risk of condensation in that construction?

Any help will be apprecited.

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