e trails that the race course

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e trails that the race course

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What’s interesting is that my road fitness paid dividends on the one short stretch of roads we followed to access another trail, and on a rolling Nike Air Huarache Womens loop around a big field. On both occasions I managed to reel in a runner ahead of me, but I passed nobody while in the woods. I was chatting with another runner at the finish and he commented on how he hated the field loop – he indicated he runs mostly trails. Funny how our perceptions differed based on our typical training terrains.

3. Don’t trust a Garmin 620 GPS watch in the woods. I’ve run most of the trails that the race course covered in the past. I don’t know them well, but I had Nike Air Pegasus 83 Womens a general sense of location relative to surrounding landmarks. Around mile 7.5 I was on some really twisty trails that I knew were heading back down the toward the school and the finish line. The race was labeled a 10-miler, but the official course map on the race website listed it at 9.2 miles. I figured the trail must turn back and head up again Nike Cortez Mujer to add in a final mile.

I was cruising pretty fast down a relatively wide, open trail (I kept catching glimpses of a runner a little way behind me and didn’t want to let him catch me). I turned a corner and the finish line suddenly popped into view. I was a bit shocked – it would be like suddenly hitting the finish line at what you think is mile 23 of a marathon. I crossed and turned to the timing table and said something like “Is this the finish?” As if the big flags labeled “FINISH” were some kind of joke. They assured me I was done, and I was happy (13th place, I’ll take it!), but my watch said 8.09 miles in 1:18:29.

I waited at the finish line for a friend who was a few minutes behind me, and chatted with some of the runners as they came in. A few were wearing GPS watches, and most had measured the course around 8.6-8.7 Adidas Stan Smith Womens miles (one was wearing a Garmin 310XT, another a Garmin 305). I know that GPS watches can be sketchy in the woods, particularly on courses with a lot of switchbacks and twisty turns (even with 1-second recording turned on, which is what my watch was set to do). People have been reporting accuracy issues with the Garmin 620 – mine has worked fine on the roads for the most part, but it seems that it didn’t do so well in this instance. I’m still not really sure how long the race actually was since my course track recording did not match the one on the race website (the field loop seemed to be a new addition, some of the trails differed – there had apparently been some course vandalism the night before, not sure if that played a role in the changes), but it seemed my watch was consistently about a half mile short of what others had measured. Nike Air Presto Womens I don’t think I missed a turn or anything either since I was pretty consistently in sight of people ahead and behind me. This is definitely something I need to test before I write a review of the 620.

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