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wood flooring industry has formed a variety

Publicado: Mié, 15 Ago 2018, 03:27
por xiao1236
<p>dedication, and innovation, in the continuous self-improvement,<a href='http://testprepservices.org/eco/4676-plastic-wood-flooring-ireland.html'>plastic wood flooring ireland</a> drive the healthy development of the whole industry. In 2001, “30” launched the “floor quality and after-sales service” dual commitments to consumers for the first time in the disorderly competition of the flooring industry, guiding the flooring industry to be healthy.advantage wpc product In 2002, “30” standardized the name of the floor tree species to the market. Effectively cracked down on the illegal </p>
<p>behavior of tree species to get the profits of fraudulent consumers,<a href='http://testprepservices.org/floor/7533-deck-stain-labor-cost.html'>deck stain labor cost</a> and promote the standard of the floor market. In 2003, “30 companies” initiated the project of “taking nature and returning to nature” for public welfare tree planting activities. It has donated 500,000 yuan each year for afforestation and support youth green bridge activities for donating to the Youth Foundation every year for 8 consecutive years. 100,000 yuan,white composite tongue and groove decking a total </p>
<p>donation of 8 million yuan, to build a green barrier for the motherland capital.<a href='http://testprepservices.org/fence/5175-cheap-wood-wall-planks.html'>cheap wood wall planks</a> In 2004, “30” launched the “multi-layer solid wood composite flooring” double commitment to standardize the solid wood composite flooring market. In 2005, “30” innovated and applied electronic touch screens in marketing terminal stores,buy interior floors consumers can understand the basic knowledge of wooden floor purchase points, laying methods, floor maintenance </p>