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produce trading business

Mensajepor xiao1236 » Lun, 21 May 2018, 12:51

take global produce trading business volume, 3% what be equivalent to the whole world exporting total about. The report says, 1999, world lumber output achieves 3.233 billion stere,bracket for 4x4 post to attach to block wall among them the lumber of 53% is fuel, the lumber of 47% is industrial makings. In 1.5 billion much stere industrial in makings, the wood that papermaking uses is occupied 28% , plank takes 61% other 11% for log. Of the same age, global pulp

output amounts to 162 million tons, curium wood 434 million stere, board 158 million stere, the crop of paper and strawboard is 309 million tons. Since go up century since 70 time, pvc board for wall south africa world forestry production shows ascendant trend all the time. Especially fuel timber crop increases to be closely remarkable, amplitude is achieved 56% ; It is papermaking lumber next, amplitude is 36% ; Curium wooden crop although not as

good as afore-mentioned 2, but also rose 21% . Meanwhile, world lumber consumption increases by degrees every year 1.3% . What be worth to point out especially is, consumption of how do you construct hollow pot upper floor developing country lumber increases rapid, the consumptive scale that its take the whole world already from 70 time 14% rise to 27% current. From analysis of structure of market of trade of global forest products, the forehead centered the

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