How does compound floor choose wood

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How does compound floor choose wood

Mensajepor qizhen0809 » Dom, 08 Abr 2018, 03:27

<p>wood is compound floor wearability is good, stability is good, style is much, the design and color of the choice is much also, suit the choice of all sorts of consumer.wooden deck floor barefoot friendly Do convenient, price material benefit, make wood answer floor owns very large market share. Buying wood compound floor when, want sharpen one's eyes. Compound floor relies on wood naked eye differentiates very hard, want to choose a few big companies as far as possible so. There is Shenyang below compound floor is small make up remind what kind of wood the floor cannot be bought.</p>

<p>The wear-resisting of compound floor spends wood poor, some floors surface uses low-cost adornment data, wear-resisting is spent low, exterior covering layer is unqualified also.Hot Selling Oak Waterproof Wood Flooring When buying, can use grind sand paper burnish, wood is compound one of floor advantages are wear-resisting, if grind sand paper burnish repeatedly,wear away very serious, compound floor cannot buy such wood.</p>

<p>wood combines strength inside compound floor also is a level that chooses a floor board. Intensity is high, each union between jumps over the floor close together. The wood floor of big manufacturer smashs raw material, after adding the additive such as glue, antiseptic, with high temperature suppress is handled and become. A few small manufacturer, to make floor cost is reduced,Woodgrain Hollow Dard Brown Wpc Decking uses raw material is dog-cheap, often express horny makings sawdust to wait with miscellaneous wood, plus used additive price cheap, floor strength is not quite great. Take lighter also. Buy a floor to choose big company so, quality also has assure.</p>

<p>Compound floor has wood strange flavour, formaldehyde content exceeds bid. The formaldehyde that compound floor contains wood to be measured certainly commonly. Many formaldehyde can produce a harm to the body.Block Sound Wood Or Composite Fence Compound wood floor is to be afraid that water is afraid of tide, whether does the ground film that must check a floor so accord with a standard. Check the bibulous rate of the floor, index is higher, the floor is easier and bibulous, generation has bosomy appearance. Quota provision does not exceed 2% .</p>

<p>Of wood floor maintain extremely simple, need to use only everyday it is good to pull cloth to wipe. Avoid moisture, avoid water to immerse for long, avoid an object cut of wood floor face. </p>

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