Viagra would mitigate

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Viagra would mitigate

Mensajepor lasky1994 » Vie, 19 Ene 2018, 05:17

Viagra actually got it’s start as a performance enhancer at altitude. The simple idea behind it was that it causes pulmonary vasodilation, so the thought was that maybe this effect would Adidas Superstar Mujer help increase endurance at altitude under hypoxic conditions. The theory is that you’d prevent a drop in Oxygen Saturation levels and get a nice bump in Cardiac Output. So in essence, Viagra would mitigate the effects of high altitude/low oxygen levels.

So what does the research say?

The first thought of using Viagra for exercise adaptation started with a study that looked at taking it during a Mt. Everest ascent. They found that about half their group saw significant improvements in performance and cardiovascular performance markers while making the ascent. The aforementioned 2006 study took the idea to the next level and found that at simulated altitude (12.8% O2 or about 3,900m altitude) taking Viagra beforehand Adidas Gazelle Womens improved Adidas Nmd Femme performance on a 6km time trial by 15%, improved stroke volume,
cardiac output, and O2 saturation levels. Sounds good right?

Well more recent studies have found slightly different results. A 2011 study by Kressler et al. looked at the effects with more moderate altitudes. They compared 3,900m, 2,100m, and sea level. What did they find? At high altitude, it helped with oxygen saturation Nike Air Max 90 Femme Noir Et Blanc numbers, keeping them higher during a 15km time trial and a steady state exercise, but other than that Viagra had no effect on any of the performance measures.

Similarly, another study by Jacobs et al. (2011) looked at Viagra and performance at 3,900m altitude and found similar results. This time they took endurance trained men and women and put them through a 6km time trial. No significant change in performance and only a difference in Oxygen Saturation levels (in women Nike Blazer Low Damen only). However, they did find that some people had significantly greater performance (one male improved by 36sec for example)

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