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selectively information

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the law publicly selectively information. Nevertheless, zhang Mao points out, in executive process, some areas appear however " should make public " and " 2ft high fencing open already " abhorrent even the circumstance of six to one. Zhang Mao says: "For instance, some places ' should make public ' it is many 5000, just have 7 publicly only unexpectedly. Processing of very afraid case appears ' body outer circulation ' , perhaps be the

influence that is protected swimming pool deck plans for 18 ft above ground round by the place, perhaps have other reason, but if underground, this kind of superintendency effect is equal to 0. " To this, national administration institute teachs Wang Yukai to think, implement brand brand strategy actively, open and transparent it is an essential condition. Wang Yukai expresses: "Want be brought into the public, cost of vinyl siding for 2000 sq ft house such ability make execute the law get of social community

supervise, get of the enterprise supervise, just make execute the law likely more fair justice. So, if underground is changed, lie in camera bellows unit process of cargo bandling, bring about very easily execute the law a lot of problems appear in the process. Government affairs is open decorate outside wood play house to executing the law, public, the country has a lot of regulations, if your underground, opaque, to oneself, be equal to disobeyed

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