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the flooring industry is a resource

Publicado: Lun, 20 Mar 2017, 08:10
por xiao1236
and a factory involved in the investment terminal was about to debut. Dazhuang in the manufacturing sector of the infusion of funds will undoubtedly be paid in the sales terminal links, this return will ultimately reflect the price of the product, which is to attract consumers into the big village of the secret. Involved in raw materials trade,
security industry smooth flow As we all know, the flooring industry is a resource industry, resources to a certain extent, determines the outcome of market competition. Dazhuang reason to have a huge supply system, the industry to do so smooth flow, it is because the construction of a solid raw material trade network.
In 2007, Dazhuang will set up its own raw materials import and export company, directly engaged in South America and other places of timber import trade, so that their finished product trade has been a fundamental guarantee, and to achieve their own development of another leap. Integrity to enhance the marketing approach to effectively protect the interests of consumers
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