world lumber trade

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world lumber trade

Mensajepor xiao1236 » Lun, 20 Mar 2017, 02:04

It is reported, plenary meeting of world lumber trade establishs 2011, by Chinese lumber and wood current association is sponsorred, already was in Tianjin up to now, too a few big haven cities of storehouse, Guangzhou, Qingdao and Shanghai hold 5 successfully. In this second congress special autograph makes an appointment with ceremonially,

sign in all arranged 6 projects, it is wood of Wuhan international steel respectively development of natural resources of forest of project of garden of industry of new and high technology, Russia and medium timberwork of project of collaboration of group of project of type through traffic, Fu Hanmu trade and strategy of SCM group whole world, Sweden and sawn timber popularize Oubanlieduo project, China.

On September 13, lumber of the 6th world and wood trade plenary meeting are held in Wuhan, lend this platform, company of estate of timber of Hubei province much home and lot of business of domestic and international collaboration issue much pen order. Course of study of Han Mu of good fortune of industry of two big bibcock mixes mainland fierce steel group is powerful powerful combination more, build combination wood of Wuhan international steel garden of industry of new and high technology, make industry of the timber in industrial transition and steely new collocation. "2 Foot Tall Plastic Fence,Composite Wood Railings White,Consumers Buying Guide 2015 For Composite Decking Products,replacement boards for outdoor bench"

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