Vietnam lumber system

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Vietnam lumber system

Mensajepor xiao1236 » Vie, 17 Feb 2017, 12:00

" the forest executes the law, the agreement of freewill and companionate concern of processing and commerce " (VPA/FLEGT) aim to assure legally through Vietnam lumber system (VNTLAS) award certificate of conformity of exit Europe goods to be exported in order to enlarge Vietnam lumber and flame retardant wall cladding ghana ligneous product to Europe. Administer a regulation according to European Union lumber, the consignor of hold FLEGT certificate need not declare the legal country of origin of lumber.

Deputy director general of management board of collaboration of international of Vietnam science and technology expresses, FLEGT certificate can issue by the country that signed freewill and companionate agreement with the European Union only. Current, european Union already 6 countries pergolas made from composite decking signed Indonesia, Liberia, Congo, Ghana, Cameroon and Central Africa republic this agreement, undertake negotiating with other the Three Kingdoms. He expresses, on November 15, indonesian the first batch of lumber and lumber product shipment will obtain FLEGT attestation. This is good news to Vietnam, composite cedar cladding uk because Vietnam is same,from Indonesian entrance lumber makes furniture export an European Union.

Vice director of Vietnam forestry bureau holds Ruan Wenhe of Vietnam negotiation group concurrently to express, vietnam and European Union started a interior wood wall paneling for sale negotiation in November 2010, already held technical negotiation and talk of 8 rounds of high levels 16 rounds, predict to will end on November 18 negotiate and this year the end of the year is finished sign.

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Re: Vietnam lumber system

Mensajepor leilafarah2 » Dom, 19 Feb 2017, 14:41

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