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test of association

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Group of this second examination test of association is random and draw-out in all company of estate of 6 Linyi timber. Be had by the enterprise of sampling observation course of study of Linyi big Hua Mu limited company, Linyi Yasenhaodemu limited company, Linyi beautiful mixes outdoor deck wood from course of study wooden industry limited company, Linyi limited company, Linyi arranges Shuang Chengmu trade greatly wooden industry.

Group of test of association thinks consistently to export height of controller of the company inside demonstrative division of wood quality safety to take seriously, wooden effect metal fences uk quality awareness is stronger, level of management, product pledges the quantity promotes generally. Carry out in management of warehouse for finished product, new standard at the same time, the issue that the respect such as alexipharmic epidemic prevention, archives management still puts in different level. frame form composite bench Wang Shuyi of secretary-general of association of Linyi timber trade suffers on behalf of association of trade of Linyi city timber invite attended an examination.

The administrative action that requirement member company wants to build business of standard of requirement and standard according to national level demonstrative area, cogent the quality management system that builds oneself and self check control a system oneself, with high quality floating decking feet high quality product is prop up, do strong oneself brand. Expand the dimensions of demonstrative business of demonstrative division of level of state of my member company.

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