greatly enhance the degree of professional

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greatly enhance the degree of professional

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Some experts predict: in the next 5 to 10 years, more than half of solid wood flooring enterprises will be eliminated, to 2010 solid wood flooring business is expected to remain at around 500, solid wood flooring production and sales will exceed 100 million square meters, strong brand The market position will become more and more prominent.
Third, the solid wood flooring business after-sales service will greatly enhance the degree of professional As the solid wood flooring is semi-finished products, the service has been a solid wood flooring market competition, one of the core elements, in 2007, the service will become a solid wood flooring industry new means of competition.
The floor in the final analysis is a semi-finished products, must be laid through the scientific construction workers can become a living product. Based on the concept of service brand promotion, our nature floor is currently working to enhance our 4S after-sales service system, we will further improve and promote the "Kim Nong service project" next year,
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