environmental wind blowing

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environmental wind blowing

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<p>Shengxiang said it would actively respond to the move for Kono, Sheng Xiang Wang Qingqiang floor market manager, said the court has not yet received notice, after receiving the notice, the Holy Image will actively respond to. In his view, the elephant and the Connaught between the infringement dispute to the court level, is a good thing. The court will make a fair decision. <a href=''>making furniture from composite decking</a>;KONO SEALING of our products on the Elephant in the stability of the national market and there is no impact, </p>

<p>the current status of the sale of the elephant is very stable.<a href=''>exterior wall plank materials prices</a>; Although Kono has filed a lawsuit request, but the elephant in the new TV ads In the E0 or played the banner. In this regard, Wang Qingjiang explained that since E0 is a formaldehyde emission standards, then the production of the floor as long as the line with this standard, they have the right to indicate in their products, the use of this logo is a matter of course. ;Even if the final holy elephant on the E0 trademark lawsuit lost, the elephant can still be said in the publicity product is E0-level products.; Floor environmental wind blowing more violent than any time. Businesses come up with a variety of tricks,</p>

<p> consumers see with relish. E0 (low formaldehyde emission of the sign) after the dispute, the world's largest manufacturers to strengthen the floor German Keno set off another wave of environmental protection: ;E0 floor with the European soup, for consumers to eat wide-heart noodles,; boiled soup Eat can prove the floor health? Kono China President Mr. Peng Hongbin, formaldehyde easily soluble in water, Kono home E0 floor through the ;pot soup floor, eat wide-hearted noodles,; the activities, not only to strengthen the floor environmental protection limit of a challenge,<a href=''>how to fill in around an above ground pool</a> but also their own E0 flooring excellent environmental performance of self-confidence performance.</p>

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