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shows level to block

Mensajepor xiao1236 » Jue, 16 Feb 2017, 12:04

Card silk helps shock low fan. Express according to the businessman, the stocks that shows level to block silk to pull still relatively giant, together with the end of the year near, partial businessman needs to repay the bank borrows money, check inventory desire is quite strong,composite heat blanket prices block a price that help to also go low ceaselessly accordingly. "The price that at present card silk helps is maintained be in 3800 yuan / stere left and right sides, but the part sells the home to need 3600 yuan only / stere can walk along goods to handle " .

At present silk of Guangdong market timber deck direct contractors singapore card spins 2.2, 2.6m, thick 5cm, class A quotes 3800, 4000 yuan / stere. Be like,other material is planted black Hu Tao, Tie Chun, market level does not have window. Guangdong market five-pointed star is at present long 2.2, 2.6m, thick 5cm,plastic furniture doors and stools gaining preference over wooden furniture class A quotes 3700, 3900 yuan / stere; Tie Chun is long 2.2, 2.6m, thick 5cm, class A quotes 3500, 3800 yuan / stere.

Reporter of negotiable securities good energy wood plastic composite in china times learned from custom of Shenzhen emperor hillock on November 1, should close to hunted down nearly 3 years to come recently freight channel most cases of a large amount of wood of smuggling agalloch eaglewood, hunt down agalloch eaglewood log 40 kilograms.

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