"Tiger" started snowboarding at the age of 14

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"Tiger" started snowboarding at the age of 14

Mensajepor jinpanlin520 » Jue, 19 Jul 2018, 05:46

BEIJING Washington Wizards Youth Jersey , Dec. 5 (Xinhua) -- As the only Chinese competitor in the Air & Style, one of the world top snowboarding events, He Wei attracted spotlight at the "Bird Nest" National Stadium on Saturday although he didn't make it to the last 16.

"I failed in all the three attempt of double cork," he said. "I lost control while landing."

He, nicknamed "Tiger", is known as one of best snowboarders in China. It is his third consecutive Air & Style in China Utah Jazz Youth Jersey , but he is still the only Chinese among the 24 players from 10 countries and regions.

"I do feel lonely as the only Chinese in the competition," he said. "I hope there will be more Chinese players here."

According to He, there are so few professional snowboarders in China. "I think the number is less than five," he said. "But there are more and more people interested in skiing and snowboarding these years, and snowboarding is developing quickly."

"About 10 years ago, when I started snowboarding Toronto Raptors Youth Jersey , it was hard to see a snowboarder in the venue. But now, more and more people like this sport. It's cool and exciting, and very attractive to those who are young," He added.

In "Bird Nest" on Saturday, the Air & Style attracted thousands of people who cheered and clapped for the athletes. The big air will be an Olympic event at the 2018 Winter Games.

As a professional snowboarder, the 25-year-old was sponsored by Red Bull. "I do snowboarding to make a living. I participate in about 10 competitions a year San Antonio Spurs Youth Jersey , both domestic and abroad. I also make some videos," said He, who declined to disclose how much he earned.

"Tiger" started snowboarding at the age of 14. "I learned with a professional team in the first three years, and then I started to learn by myself," said him. "I watch videos and I also do some exercise to build up my body."

"You can learn slopestyle all by yourself," he said. "But it's not easy to be a professional from an amateur. You need to have good physical conditions and you also need money to pay for your training before you turn professional."

Compared with those athletes in the government-backed sports system Sacramento Kings Youth Jersey , "Tiger" said he could make his own arrangement. "Maybe I am more free," he said. "I can make every decision by myself. But there are some problems, for example, I hope I can find a good coach."

As Beijing and Zhangjiakou are going to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, China is expecting a boom in winter sports.

"I've heard that there will be a slopestyle national team," he said. "But I think if we want to win a medal at the Olympic Games Portland Trail Blazers Youth Jersey , we still need more time as our level is far behind some foreign countries."

"Tiger" has an Olympic dream.

"I hope I can take part in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea," he said. "I think I will be too old in 2022. After all these years of snowboarding, it means a lot to represent China in an Olympic Games. If I have the chance, I will try my best."

"Tiger" said he needs to take part in competitions under the FIS (International Ski Federation), which are qualifying events for the Winter Games, but now he doesn't have a FIS account.

"Only the Chinese Ski Association can apply for an account for me Phoenix Suns Youth Jersey ," he explained.

"Tiger" said next year he will have some competitions in Australia, and if he has chance to take part in the Air & Style, he will be have a one-month training in the United States.

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