The Indian state of Delhi is one of the prominent locations

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The Indian state of Delhi is one of the prominent locations

Mensajepor jinpanlin520 » Jue, 14 Jun 2018, 07:02

SHENZHEN Raheem Sterling World Cup Jersey , Jan. 12 (Xinhua) -- China succeeded in its first 300-metre saturation diving on Sunday morning as three divers returned safe and sound from deep water to the living chamber on the ship.

The diving bell actually reached 313.5 meters deep under the South China Sea, according to Guo Jie, on-site chief director of the experiment.

The three divers, Hu Jian, Guan Meng and Dong Meng returned to the deck of the ship at 5:09 a.m. Sunday.

The saturation diving technology enables human beings to withhold high deep water pressure by saturating the inert gas in human tissue fluid David Beckham World Cup Jersey , according to Guo.

Three other Chinese divers planned to try again at 8 a.m. Sunday and are expected to return to the living chamber at about 2 p.m. and stay there until Jan. 24 to let the inert gas in their tissue fluid to return to normal pressure, said Shen Hao, director of Shanghai rescue and salvage center.

China is now working on the develpment of technology of satruation diving of 500 metres deep under sea, said Wang Zhenliang, director of the China Rescue and Salvage of the Ministry of Transport.

China starts first saturation diving experiment

BEIJING Gary Cahill World Cup Jersey , Jan. 9 (Xinhua) -- China on Thursday started its first saturation diving experiment at sea, aiming to reach 300 meters under water from the sea surface near Shenzhen, according to the Shanghai Salvage Company under the Ministry of Transport.

At 1 p.m. Beijing time, six divers of the company began to pressurize a compression chamber in preparation for the dive, marking the beginning of the experiment.?Full story

China's first deep-water saturation diving boat completed

BEIJING John Stones World Cup Jersey , Aug. 7 (Xinhuanet) -- China’s first 300-meter depth saturation diving boat has been completed in Qingdao in East China’s Shandong province.

The "Shen Qian Hao" diving boat is China’s first deep-depth saturation diving vessel. Saturation diving is a diving technique that allows divers to work at great depths for long periods of time by reducing the risk of decompression sickness.?

PYONGYANG, Dec. 24 (Xinhua) -- The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) issued on Sunday a strong-worded statement condemning the latest UN resolution to impose more sanctions over its nuclear and missile programs, calling it "an act of war."

A spokesperson for the DPRK's Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused the United States of getting more "frenzied" in imposing the harshest ever sanctions.

A stern-faced broadcaster of Korean Central Television read the statement which condemned UN Security Council Resolution 2397 adopted unanimously Friday to restrict oil export to the country and demand repatriation of all DPRK citizens working abroad.

"We define this 'sanctions resolution' rigged up by the U.S. and its followers as a grave infringement upon the sovereignty of our Republic, as an act of war violating peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula and the region and categorically reject the 'resolution'," said the statement.

It reiterated the DPRK's nuclear weapons are intended for self-defensive deterrence in order "to put an end to the hostile policy and nuclear threats and blackmail of the U.S."

The new punitive measures included in the UN resolution will significantly cut short refined petroleum exports to Pyongyang Kyle Walker World Cup Jersey , put a lid on its crude oil imports, ask UN member states to repatriate DPRK nationals earning incomes abroad, and crack down on ships illegally transferring oil to or smuggling banned items from the country.

Wu Haitao, charge d'affaires of China's permanent mission to the United Nations, said Friday's resolution reflects the unanimous position of the international community in opposing the DPRK's development of nuclear weapon and ballistic missile capabilities and in maintaining the international non-proliferation regime.

BEIJING Ryan Bertrand World Cup Jersey , Dec. 28 (Xinhua) -- The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years has stoked fear that the technology will one day take control of human destiny. However, experts believe humans are still able to be the masters of their own fate by making the machines they have invented work for their benefit.


Given its extensive application in industrial production and everyday activities, AI is nothing new nowadays both as a concept and in actual practice.

It not only has liberated humans from trivial and repetitive work, but also can satisfactorily accomplish tasks that are otherwise unachievable for mankind due to either physical or intellectual constraints.

AI's stunning power has been demonstrated, for example Danny Rose World Cup Jersey , by the successive wins by Google's AlphaGo over the best human Go players early this year, which have occupied international news headlines and shocked the whole world.

Tech companies have used the technology's ability to make sophisticated choices based on deep learning to facilitate traders in the stock market.

EquBot LLC, a San Francisco-based company which launched the world's first AI-powered Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) in the New York Stock Exchange in October, said its product can simulate the work of equity research analysts and work around the clock in an "almost fully automated" process.

"The process of choices is almost as complicated as AlphaGo," EquBot CEO Chida Khatua said. "We train our AI models to see how the market will react Kieran Trippier World Cup Jersey , let the AI models look at it and see how they behaved," he told Xinhua in a recent interview, explaining the way AI makes decisions.

The AI technology employed by Equbot can process more data than the portfolio managers whom it has replaced and "generate unbiased decisions under a set of investment criteria," according to the company.

In addition, AI has also been applied in the diagnosis of skin cancer Joe Hart World Cup Jersey , in which the algorithm involved has reached a level on par with professional. Wholesale Hats Wholesale Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys Online Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale NHL Hockey Jerseys Wholesale Football Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale NCAA College Jerseys Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys Cheap MLB Jerseys Cheap Soccer Jerseys China

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